Multiple brands have stepped up this season to support #GRIDLIFE TrackBattle & Grassroots motorsports. The following offers and contingencies are available for 2017

Announcing our grand prize for this years TrackBattle competition, The POWERSTOP BONDURANT CUP. The 4 First place finishers (one from each class) in this years season points chase will win an all expenses paid trip to Bondurant racing school and a full 4 day Forza Motorsport Grand Prix racing program. This 4 day racing experience is a near $6000 program that progressively builds skills throughout the 4 days moving from Hellcats to formula cars and giving participants the opportunity to walk away with an SCCA Wheel to Wheel license at the end of the program.

Additionally, this #GRIDLIFE exclusive program will allow any TrackBattle participant an opportunity to pay their own way at an unheard of 20% discount. These spots will be limited to 8. More details coming soon. 

For more details on Bondurant racing school visit


Haltech ECU 2017 TrackBattle contingency

Haltech contingency program is available for TrackBattle competitors for all 5 rounds of #GRIDLIFE TrackBattle time attack for the 2017 season. HPDE+ / StreetMod / TrackMod / Unlimited drivers are eligible for prizing. Fields must contain at least 4 competitors to be eligible for contingency prizing. Competitors are not required to use Haltech products to qualify for prizing.


Must have Haltech decals displayed on the vehicle to qualify for contingency rewards. (2x small or 1x large decal)
Large decal must be displayed at the front or back of the vehicle. Small decals must be displayed one per side.


Unlimited / Track Modified / Street / HPDE+ Classes (AWD/RWD/FWD)
1st Place - $150 credit
2nd Place - $100 credit
3rd Place - $75 credit

Any participant who is already using Haltech products gets an additional bonus of $50, not matter podium position. ($200, $150, $100) ALL Rewards are in the form of credit vouchers that can be used to purchase Haltech products directly from the US office.


Koyorad 2017 TrackBattle contingency


  • Competitors are not required to use Koyorad products to qualify for contingency.

  • Competitors wishing to participate must notify GRIDLIFE.

  • All participants in the Koyorad Oil Cooler/GRIDLIFE contingency program will be required to apply two (2) 12” x 1.5” Koyorad decals on the competition vehicle. GRIDLIFE will have decals at the event.

  • 2 Koyorad decals are to be positioned on vehicle as follows:

    • Mandatory - Two decals on front bumper located near each headlight (driver & passenger sides) or lower area of front bumper (driver and passenger sides)

    • Two (2) total decals are required

All decal locations must be in plain view and facing outwards (not up). Decals placed on hood, roof, orinside front bumper openings or top of trunk lids (facing upwards) will not qualify for contingency.Contingency decal eligibility will be verified by GRIDLIFE.


Unlimited Class / Track Modified / Street / HPDE+ Classes (AWD/RWD/FWD)
1st Place - $150 credit towards Koyorad Oil Cooler
2nd Place - $125 credit towards Koyorad Oil Cooler
3rd Place - $100 credit towards Koyorad Oil Cooler


  • Four competitor minimum for Track Battle event classes, determined by final results (not entries)

  • Each winner to use credit toward 1 Koyorad Oil Cooler on

  • Credit has no cash value, and cannot be used toward shipping, handling or CA State Sales tax (if applicable)

  • Winners must contact Koyorad within 45 days of event to claim prize

  • Prizes limited to stock on hand

  • Contact Alex Cao ( to claim prize

  • Koyorad reserves the right to modify or discontinue this contingency program at any time for any reason

  • Koyorad reserves the right to deny contingency prize claims if eligibility is not 100% verifiable


QuickTrick Alignment Tools 2017 TrackBattle season offers / contingency.


Drivers will need the following to be eligible for contingency program.  Display two QuickTrick decals on their cars, on both sides, facing outwards. Placement is left up to drivers, as we understand some drivers may have prior obligations to other sponsors.
All run groups and drivetrains for TrackBattle are eligible. HPDE+


QuickTrick will be providing cash payout to drivers in the Unlimited, Track Mod, Street Mod, and HPDE Plus classes. 1st place Season champions from each class will receive a $500 cash prize courtesy of QuickTrick.


BCRacing 2017 TrackBattle SpecFit program.


Any driver participating in at least one round of the #GRIDLIFE SpecFit series is eligible for the special BC Racing pricing on 


To purchase the BCRacing SpecFit package fill out the following form and send to

MAXXIS® Tires Contingency & SpecFit VR-1 Program

Contingency Program

The Victra RC-1 (100 UTQG) and the Victra VR-1 (200 UTQG). The Victra VR-1 is eligible for ALL Classes. The Victra RC-1 is eligible for TrackMod and Unlimited Classes. 

Maxxis will be offering contingencies for all participants running either the RC-1 or VR-1 at any of the TrackBattle competition events this season. Tires can be purchased direct at

Maxxis will offer the following prizes to eligible competitors at each Track Battle event:
1st Place in any of the following classes (with at least 4 competitors) will receive (1) tire:

  • Street Mod AWD / FWD / RWD
  • Track Mod AWD / FWD / RWD
  • Unlimited AWD / FWD / RWD

End of year “Season Champion” prizes (top 3 eligible finishers) in each category:

  • Street Mod: First Place- (4) tires; Second Place- (2) tires; Third Place- (1) tire
  • Track Mod: First Place- (4) tires; Second Place- (2) tires; Third Place- (1) tire
  • Unlimited: First Place- (4) tires; Second Place- (2) tires; Third Place- (1) tire
  • HPDE+: First Place- (4) tires; Second Place- (2) tires; Third Place- (1) tire

Full contingency details and eligibility requirements can be found in the pdf link Below

SpecFit VR-1 Spec tire program

Drivers within the SpecFit series will be eligible for special pricing on the Maxxis Victra VR-1 as well as eligibility for the Maxxis TrackBattle contingency. To purchase the Maxxis VR1 at special #GRIDLIFE pricing