2018 TrackBattle Round 5 Official Results

Abrin Schmucker - Time Attack Director


With Round 5 complete, the 2018 #Gridlife Trackbattle Season is complete. This year, we saw the closest battles ever, with huge improvements in laptimes compared to previous years. Round 5 was our largest October event ever, 81 cars setting times at GMR. Weather was hit or miss throughout the weekend, but that didn’t scare the competition away. This was also the debut of night racing at Gridlife with several of the corners of the track lit to allow for both time attack and HPDE in the dark, offering a totally new experience for many drivers.

After a lengthy hiatus at Gingerman Raceway, the team of Professional Awesome returned to the track with something to prove. Hoping to improve on their formerly track record setting pace. Friend/fellow evo driver/ and all around wheelman Andy Smedegard was behind the wheel of the car when the laps were really starting to go quick. Andy himself has one of the fastest Evos in the country. He was instantly comfortable behind the wheel, and improved on the team's best time by 4.5 seconds over their last run at Gingerman in 2016. The video from their flying lap can be found here. Anyone interested in learning more about the team, and all of the amazing work that goes on to prepare this car, should have a look at their website, ProfessionalAwesome.com.

The battle in trackmod concluded with Michael Puglisi victorious against Jeremy Swenson, but it wasn't without a battle to the bitter end. They both battled mechanical issues all weekend and were separated before the last session by a mere 0.2s. They exited the grid on the last session back to back, and Michael was able to put down a new personal best and AWD class record of 1:32.606 forcing Swenson to settle for 2nd place in the season overall. The battle for the trackmod championship was the closest battle we've ever had in a season. 

For Streetmod - Brad Yonkers and Matt Dereus continued their dominance as team Evolve Autosport. Despite the rain, the team was able to set times close to their class record from the Midwest Festival Event in June, and stave off any remaining competition for the rest of the weekend.  

In Street class, Josh Orr concluded the season with another dominant performance in his C7 Z51 Corvette. Jackie Ding in his S2000 however was able to set a new Gridlife wet track record for all cars. Being the only car/driver to break 2 minutes on a wet lap is a testament to his ability as a driver and commitment to being fast in all weather conditions. A video of his wet weather lap can be found here.


129 Matt Williams SPEC FIT - 1:54.019 Fit 100
825 Ashar Chaudhary SPEC FIT - 1:56.809 Fit 70
413 Sally McNulty SPEC FIT - 1:59.201 Fit 60


1 55 Charles Miller STREET - AWD 1:39.208 Evo IX 610
2 70 Eric DeWitt STREET - AWD 1:39.238 STI 600
3 777 Joshua Halka STREET - AWD 1:41.398 Impreza WRX 450

1 24 Les Epps STREET - FWD 1:47.326 Teggy 230

1 51 Joshua Orr STREET - RWD 1:38.096 corvette 690
2 3 Ron Spear STREET - RWD 1:38.909 Mustang GT 650
3 34 austin hertel STREET - RWD 1:39.779 370z 570


23 Shawn Krebsbach STREET MODIFIED - AWD 1:36.845 Lancer evolution 9 720
6 Micheal Aumick STREET MODIFIED - AWD 1:37.390 STI 700
333 Christopher Tuttell STREET MODIFIED - AWD 1:37.650 Evo RS 690

65 zachary ross STREET MODIFIED - FWD 1:40.267 GTI 530
531 Evan Weider STREET MODIFIED - FWD 1:46.716 Civic CX 260
268 Kaval Vilkhu STREET MODIFIED - FWD 1:54.184 Civic 90

122 Evolve Autosport STREET MODIFIED - RWD 1:37.105 M3 710
145 Shilun Wu STREET MODIFIED - RWD 1:38.050 Mustang 680
357 Dan Lewis STREET MODIFIED - RWD 1:39.181 S2000 620


314 Michael Puglisi TRACK MODIFIED - AWD 1:32.606 Evolution 790
315 Micaiah Hackbarth TRACK MODIFIED - AWD 1:39.082 TTRS 640
151 David McCallister TRACK MODIFIED - AWD 1:42.198 Evo IX 370

40 Chris Boersma TRACK MODIFIED - FWD 1:38.201 Civic 660
420 levi brown TRACK MODIFIED - FWD 1:40.564 civic 510
102 Luigi Montanez TRACK MODIFIED - FWD 1:44.048 Integra 320

30 Jeremy Swenson TRACK MODIFIED - RWD 1:33.744 Corvette ZR1 780
162 Joel Morrison TRACK MODIFIED - RWD 1:35.968 S2000 760
283 Jess Moeding TRACK MODIFIED - RWD 1:36.599 Corvette 740


771 Professional Awesome UNLIMITED - AWD 1:25.160 EVO 810
179 Derek Boyd UNLIMITED - AWD 1:36.821 Evo 10 730
197 Kendall Samuel UNLIMITED - AWD 2:02.890 Impreza 20

41 James Houghton UNLIMITED - FWD 1:25.603 Integra 800

222 Kevin Wesley UNLIMITED - RWD 1:34.933 Challenger 770
60 David Calzada UNLIMITED - RWD 1:36.575 Miata 750
135 Charlie Ensslin UNLIMITED - RWD 1:40.041 Silvia 560