SpecFit is all about bringing motorsports to the masses with a maximum fun per dollar series utilizing affordable daily drivers, a simplified rule set and a balanced field putting focus on the driver vs the build. SpecFit will run within the TrackBattle series as a sub classification of the HPDE+ class. Drivers will run within the same track time allocated for TrackBattle time attack sessions at #GRIDLIFE Events.



Spec FitBattle is designed to be a tight competition in adorable little daily driver econoboxes.  These cars handle well with minimal work, and bolt-on modifications deliver minimal extra power. This simplicity, combined with relatively low cost and an extremely useful design make the Fit a good choice for a daily driver track car.  Pairing them with a group of other similar Fits results in incredibly fun tracktime.  Spec FitBattle cars must be within the “spirit of the rules” and any car judged by the TrackBattle staff to be outside the bounds of the “spirit” of the rules will be moved to an appropriate class.  The “spirit of the rules” is a simple, bolt-on street car.



Engine modifications will be restricted to intake tube, filter and exhaust changes only.  Engine internals must be OEM. No forced induction.  If an engine is suspected to be modified, Gridlife reserves the right to have it tested on a chassis dyno and inspect internals with an inspection camera.


Suspension parts that bolt on are allowed (struts/shocks, springs, sway bars), OEM bushings. Shocks only 1 way adjustable. Sway bars open. No modified pickup points on body.  No additional struts or shocks may be added other than factory locations.


Cars cannot be fitted with non original factory equipment wing or splitter and must have no added underbody aero. Lip and sideskirts are open.


No Limited Slip or differential changes or additions, OEM transmission internals only (as equipped by manufacturer)


Maxxis VR1  205 50 15 REQUIRED
The VR1 is available direct from MAXXIS at special pricing for all SpecFit competitors. 
8’’ width max.
Brakes are open, but must be OEM manufacture calipers


"OEM equivalent weight'' to start  (no weight reduction ).  Weights will be taken, with driver, and averaged at first event and added to rules in future. The target future weight will be OEM weight with a full tank of gas, and an average driver size of 180 lbs.  Weight will be added to the spare tire well.  

Safety gear (rollcage, etc,) is unlimited, and encouraged. 

Seats are allowed to be changed to options with more bolster, etc.