#GRIDLIFE Midwest 2017 is finally upon us. We have been working tirelessly to make this year's events as amazing as they can be for both drivers and spectators alike. We can’t stress enough how much we appreciate the support as we once again strive to put on the best track time party in North America!

Below you will find all the info you need for the weekend. Please contact us with any questions or clarification that is needed.


Gingerman Raceway is located in South Haven, MI at 61414 Co Rd 388. We have a dedicated gate for all drivers. You  will be entering through the South Gate, which is the main gate to Gingerman right off the Co Rd 388. You are able to enter the gates starting Thursday at 6pm.


All Drivers will need to go to the registration booth upon arrival. You will need to show either a printed paper or a digital version of your ticket to be scanned at the event. To retrieve your ticket you will need to login to www.seetickets.us  If you cannot locate your ticket, contact seetickets at http://support.flavorus.com/ Let them know you are a Drift Driver for GRIDLIFE MidWest. With any luck they will know what you’re talking about.


The South gate for drivers opens at 6pm on Thursday. All crew is welcome to enter the facility at that time as well.


The Drivers schedule can be found online at http://www.grid.life/2017-midwest-scheduleDrift Schedule includes (11) 15 Minute sessions throughout the weekend. Drivers will be split up into groups A & B based on vehicle setup and team affiliation. Final groups will be posted early next week on www.grid.life



We want to create the best driving experience for everyone at the event. Losing your session because someone didn’t tighten their lug nuts and threw a yard sale up on Turn 1 is not our idea of a good experience. Additionally GRIDLIFE is responsible for all damages to the track which in turn means each driver individually is responsible for damages to the track. Repeated excursions off-track will be penalized with loss of track time. Check your lugnuts, secure your hood pins and save track time and embarrassment.



Camping is included with all Drift registration. You will have space in the primary paddock to set up camp. There is no charge for RV’s or pull behind campers for drivers. Vehicles in the paddock will be restricted to drivers only.  No GA ticket holder vehicles will be allowed into the main paddock area.  Crew passes must be purchased PRIOR to arrival. You will not be able to purchase crew tickets at the gate. You can purchase your crew passes by contacting Seetickets at https://support.seetickets.us/hc/en-us. Drivers are limited to (2) crew passes. Crew passes do not include camping. If crew is camping, they must also purchase a camping pass. 


Paddock space will be tight. We have a dedicated boneyard for trailers and any trailers that are not being used will be required to be dropped off there. We will have a section of the Paddock designated for drift drivers. There is no holding spaces or spreading out your footprint. Try to keep the paddock as tight as possible so we can accommodate all drivers.



All drivers must go through tech inspection before they are allowed to enter the circuit. Tech will be open on Thursday at 8pm - 10pm and then each morning before the drivers meeting and immediately following. Head to http://tech.grid.life/ to review the rules, sign the waiver and complete your tech form prior to the event. We are drifting on a road course so you will be following the same tech rules as as all other drivers and your car must be tech inspected ahead of time. If you have any issues with the tech form or things don't seem to be working properly, email daniel@grid.life or adam@grid.life


There will be mandatory drivers meetings each morning along with a specific drift meeting later in the morning. These are both mandatory. You must attend in order to get on track each day. Meetings will take place in the Gingerman Barn


We will be using a pre grid system for Drift at #GRIDLIFE. The track schedule is extremely tight and it is imperative that you are on grid prior to the start of your session in order to maximize your track time.
Gridding procedure will be covered in the drivers meeting. Listen to the PA announcements for 5 minute and 2 minute calls to grid, as well as any changes in the run group schedule.


For any questions on Drift /  Track Schedules / Tech or anything else contact drift@grid.life or adam@grid.life

Thanks again for supporting #GRIDLIFE and being apart of our track family see you this weekend.