GRIDLIFE Midwest is one week away. We have been working tirelessly to make this year's event as amazing as can be for both drivers and spectators alike. We can’t stress enough how much we appreciate the support from this growing track community as we continue to refine and improve these events. Below you will find all the info you need for the weekend. Please contact us with any questions or clarification that is needed.


We have a dedicated gate for drivers. You will be entering VIA the South Gate, which is the main gate into Gingerman Raceway. The gates will be open for registration 6pm - 12am  Thursday and 6am - 12am the remainder of the weekend. The gates will remain open 24 hours starting at 6pm Thursday though 8pm Sunday for exit / re-entry for participants who have already gone through registration and are properly banded.  


You will need to show either a printed paper or a digital version of your ticket to be scanned at the event. If you need to retrieve or verify your ticket, you can contact seetickets at http://support.seetickets.us You can also locate your tickets via the seetickets app on both iOS & android. Please have your tickets / barcodes ready to be scanned when you arrive at the gate.


Camping is included with full weekend HPDE registration only.  You will be in the support paddock which is grass. Please come prepared with wood or whatever else you may need to jack up your vehicle. There is no charge for RV’s or pull behind campers for drivers. The support paddock is  restricted to drivers and crew only.  We will not be allowing any GA ticket holders into the main paddock area without driver or team approval. All crew and friends must have either a crew pass / GA ticket and a camping pass if they are staying overnight. A restriction may apply to the amount of non drivers allowed in your paddock if your paddock space is exceeded.


Paddock space will be extremely tight. All open trailers / car haulers will be required to be parked in the trailer boneyard to conserve as much space as possible. We will be doing all we can to allocate appropriate space for everyone throughout the weekend, but please keep it as tight as possible in the paddock.


Both the Primary and the Support Paddock is reserved for full weekend drivers only. You will be required to park in the GA campground area and bring your car to grid during your session.


Due to the amount of drivers at the event, there is simply no way to distribute the power in a fair way. For that reason, Power boxes are reserved to GOLD PASS holders only. Generators are allowed. Please come prepared for dry camping.


All drivers must go through tech inspection before they are allowed to enter the circuit. Early tech will be open on Thursday from 8pm - 10pm and each morning before the drivers meeting and immediately following. The tech form is digital and must be filled out PRIOR to arriving at the tech garage. If you have not filled it out yet, please do so now here. The GCR for the 2017 season is available on our site at www.grid.life It is important that you read this document front to back and become familiar with it.


There are four primary HPDE run groups: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Instructor. The Advanced and Instructor run groups will be combined on Sunday. There will also be two Single Session Beginner groups on both Saturday and Sunday. You can find a complete HPDE run group schedule here.

Track activities kick off when tech opens Friday at 6:30am at the main tower. There is a mandatory drivers’ meeting in the morning all 3 days: Friday /Saturday at 8am and Sunday at 8:15am at the barn. If you do not attend the driver’s meeting, your track time will be penalized for that day. There are also Beginner Classroom Sessions in the GingerMan barn at 8:30am on Saturday and 8:45am on Sunday. There will be Single Session Beginner Classrooms at 3:00pm on Saturday and 10:10am on Sunday. Beginners must attend their classroom session to be allowed on track. For any instructor or beginner questions email instructors@grid.life


Grid will be run in the hot pits. You may enter the hot pits on the south end and follow the directions of grid staff. The track schedule is extremely tight and it is imperative that you are on grid prior to the start of your session in order to maximize your track time. We will be making PA Announcements, however it can be loud and in some areas very hard to hear. Ultimately you are responsible for watching the clock and getting yourself to grid. Listen to the PA announcements for your 5 minute and 2 minute calls to grid, as well as any changes in the run group schedule. Passing rules vary depending on your run group. These rules will be covered during the drivers’ meeting.


We want to create the best driving experience for everyone at the event. Losing your session because someone drove over their head into the kitty litter does not fit with our idea of a great driving experience. It is expected that participants will drive in a safe and controlled manner at all times. Repeated excursions off-track will be penalized with loss of track time. Don’t be that guy.


For any questions on HPDE /  Track Schedules / why Adam hates harness bars, or the general meaning of life, contact instructors@grid.life or adam@grid.life

Thank you once again for being a part of this monumental event. We appreciate all of the support and want to remind everyone that #GRIDLIFE is built around you. Please do not hesitate to give us any feedback or pats on the back throughout the weekend. Everyone involved would love to hear your thoughts.