TrackBattle Time Attack 2017 Rules


What is #GRIDLIFE TRACK BATTLE? #GRIDLIFE TrackBattle is a multi event time attack series taking place at road courses throughout the North Americas. Time attack is not wheel to wheel racing. You are competing against the clock to see which cars and which teams are the fastest over the course of a weekend.

The #GRIDLIFE TrackBattle is about providing safe, spirited, and fun competitive track­time for advanced and expert drivers. TrackBattle is open to all makes and models and all drive train layouts: rear wheel drive (RWD), front wheel drive (FWD), and all wheel drive (AWD). #GRIDLIFE TrackBattle includes competitive classes for all degrees of tuning and modification.

#GRIDLIFE TrackBattle is about safety and fun first. We run a simplified rule set that makes it easy for long time HPDE drivers to make the transition to competitive driving without the complexities and costs of your typical sanctioning bodies.

Our classing system is designed to place vehicles of similar type and drivetrain into competitive groups based on modifications and ultimately the potential lap time of the vehicle.

The final classification of your vehicle will be determined by the organizers and may potentially be adjusted between events to keep events exciting and competitive throughout the duration of the #GRIDLIFE season.


  1. General Rules applying to all production based classes. (Excludes the SUPER UNLIMITED class)

    1. Chassis/Exterior/Aero

      1. Vehicles must be mass production road going vehicles, constructed by a recognized manufacturer, and currently/previously available as a factory OEM road going passenger vehicle with a government mandated VIN# or equivalent.

      2. Tube chassis, open wheel, factory built race cars or club racer cars that may be made street legal are not allowed. (Radical SR3, Factory 5 818, Ultima GTR, Porsche GT3 Cup, ETC are only allowed in the SUPER UNLIMITED Class).

      3. Tube chassis (or similar carbon composite monocoque) vehicles are not permitted unless part of the OEM structure and is specifically accepted by GRIDLIFE staff as a legal vehicle.

      4. The OEM floor pan and shock tower locations must remain intact.

      5. All vehicles must have a silhouette that is faithful to the original with the general body shape and outline remaining true to the original stock body.

      6. Brake lights must be operational in all classes.


    2. Engine/Drivetrain/Fuel

      1. Only one internal combustion engine is permitted per vehicle, unless approved for super unlimited.

      2. Auxiliary Water/Methanol injection is allowed in Street Modified, Track Modified, Unlimited & Super Unlimited Classes, unless OEM equipped .

      3. The mixture may not be more than 50% Methanol in classes where exotic fuels are not allowed.

    3. Suspension/Brakes/Tires/Wheels

      1. All tires must be available to fellow competitors for purchase. If any tires are found to be unavailable through retail sources or are of a false/misadvertised (cheater) compound the competitor will be disqualified and all associated entry fees forfeited.

      2. Interior/Roll Cage/Safety/Misc.

      3. A 6­point (or more) roll cage is strongly recommended for all classes, and is required in the Unlimited Class meeting #GRIDLIFE CCR specs.

      4. All cars must run all decals required by the #GRIDLIFE organizers. This will include door card on each side of the car, as well as a windshield banner on either the top or bottom of the windshield and any other locations as specified.

      5. Track Modified and above vehicles must have a fire extinguisher within drivers reach or an onboard fire suppression system.

      6. At a minimum, all vehicles must meet the safety standards found in the #GRIDLIFE CCR.

      7. All drivers must sign all waivers and forms required to receive driving credentials.

      8. All HPDE and Time Attack participants must adhere to the rules found in the #GRIDLIFE CCR.

      9. All vehicles must be tech inspected by an approved shop before they are allowed on track.

      10. Tech inspections may also be done by our officials at any time during the event, to assure safety the of driver and other competitors.

    4. Classing, Spirit of Competition, and Sportsmanship:

      1. All race entries are subject to #GRIDLIFE approval, and as such, the organizers reserve the right to disallow any vehicle or competitor to compete that is considered unsafe, unsportsmanlike, or is not in keeping with the spirit of the rules.

      2. All modifications performed must specifically be allowed within the class and overall rules or it is not allowed. If any questionable discrepancies are found, they must be clarified and allowed in writing by #GRIDLIFE staff.

      3. Cars may only be registered in one class per event. 2. Cars may only register as one competitor, i.e, a single entry. 3. You cannot register the same car with multiple drivers as multiple entries. 4. You may have multiple drivers for the same car, registered as a team, a single entry. Only the fastest time will count from the team, as one entry. No additional track time will be given for the additional drivers. Team drivers must be stated at registration before the event starts.

      4. At the organizer’s discretion, a car/driver may be re-classed, in instances where a vehicle's performance exceeds the spirit of competition for the particular class.


Each competitor will run in a primary competition group based on modifications and drive train (FWD RWD AWD) in the following classes: HPDE PLUS, STREET MODIFIED, TRACK MODIFIED, UNLIMITED & SUPER UNLIMITED CLASS RULES.


HPDE PLUS is intended for daily driven cars with minor bolt-­on modifications only. This is our enthusiast class and is intended for intermediate & advanced HPDE drivers and vehicles that are daily driven street cars.

The following vehicles are prohibited from competing in the HPDE+ Class


    1. All vehicles must retain stock chassis with no fabricated modifications of any kind.

    2. Doors, fenders quarter panels and roof must remain OEM Material.

    3. Bolt on alternate materials may be used for Hood, Trunk and Hard Tops.

    4. Aftermarket aero is prohibited.

    5. Stock or factory optional aero is allowed if available (this includes aftermarket replica aero and EDM / JDM optional components ie: Replica SiR spoiler etc)

    6. Non OEM Flat pan floors are prohibited.

    7. Lexan glass is prohibited.


    1. Dogboxes / sequential gearboxes prohibited unless OEM

    2. Alternative fuels, such as E85, are not permitted.

    3. Mixed manufacturer engine swaps are not permitted e.g., K swapped Miata.

    4. Engine swaps are permitted but must be from the same chassis, e.g., B16 into eg civic is permitted but B18C is not. Any questions on engines swaps should be directed to Gridlife staff.

    5. Swaps with increased cylinder numbers are prohibited, e.g., V6 Accord motor into Civic chassis.

    6. Hybrid Drivetrains are not permitted, unless OEM equipped.

    7. Aftermarket forced induction is prohibited.

    8. Factory turbocharged cars must remain within 20% of factory boost settings.

    9. Drivetrain changes are prohibited, i.e., FWD to AWD or AWD to RWD.

    10. Nitrous is not allowed.


    1. Vehicles must use a DOT approved tire with a minimum UTQG Rating of 200 or higher. Tires from other markets (EU, JP) are permitted as long as they match the UTQG Rating.

    2. Tire Width: FWD: 255, RWD: 285, AWD: 255

    3. Suspension is limited to single adjustable unless OEM Equipped.

    4. Active suspension components are not permitted unless OEM.

    5. Suspension pickup points must remain OEM.


    1. Vehicles must be street driven vehicles with valid insurance and registration.

    2. Vehicles must have headlights, tail lights and mirrors, all in working condition.

    3. Roll­cages are not permitted to extend beyond the firewall.

    4. Vehicles must retain all interior components e.g., seats, dash, carpets, headliner, and all must be in factory positions. (interior may be trimmed or modified to accommodate safety components.)

    5. Vehicles must have a working climate control system. AC components may be removed.

    6. Lexan Glass is not permitted.

    7. HPDE+ is not open to professionally licensed level drivers.


Street Modified exists for street driven vehicles that have extensive off the shelf bolt-­on modifications. This class is for advanced HPDE drivers or those that have previously participated in recreational competitive racing.


    1. All vehicles must retain stock chassis.

    2. Doors and quarter panels must remain OEM materials. Alternate materials for Hood, Trunk, Roof, & Fenders are allowed.

    3. Vehicles are permitted to run two significant aero modifications at the rear and one at the front, e.g., rear spoiler + diffuser + splitter.

    4. All aero must remain within 5” of the oem lines as viewed from above.

    5. Up to 4 canards at the front of the vehicle are permitted in addition to significant aero. Canards may not protrude more than 5” beyond the OE bodywork.

    6. Active aero is prohibited, unless OEM equipped.

    7. Dual Element wings are prohibited. Dual element wings may be taped together with heavy-duty tape that will not come off during the session. If the tape does come off, that session will be disqualified.

    8. Flat bottom floors are prohibited Full undertrays (“flat bottom”) are prohibited.  Splitters and undertray may go to the mid point of the front wheels. Diffusers may go to the mid-point of the rear wheels.

    9. Replacing factory glass with lexan is prohibited.

    10. No component of the rear wing may be higher than the highest point of the vehicle structure.  Radio antennas are not considered part of the vehicle structure. Width of the rear wing must be within the OEM body lines. Height exceptions of 4” are allowed for hatchbacks and wagons.

    11. Aftermarket over fenders and fender modification is permitted for tire clearance.


    1. Hybrid Drivetrains are not permitted, unless OEM equipped.

    2. Nitrous is not allowed

    3. Drivetrain changes are prohibited, e.g., FWD to AWD or AWD to RWD

    4. Aftermarket forced induction is prohibited on motors with a factory displacement of 4.0L or more.

    5. Engine Swaps outside of same chassis in combination with  aftermarket forced induction is not permitted. EG with K20 and Turbo.

    6. Engine swaps from same manufacture and configuration regardless of chassis are permitted. IE Kseries into EG / EK

    7. Mixed manufacturer engine swaps are not permitted, e.g., K swapped Miata

    8. Leaded, Unleaded and E85 are permitted.

    9. Dogboxes / sequential gearboxes prohibited unless OEM


    1. The top of the tire may not protrude past the widest point of the wheel arch when viewed from above. Body lines may not be altered overfenders may be added if wheel openings do not change rough dimensions, when fenders are rolled.

    2. Suspension pickup points must remain OEM.

    3. Active suspension components are not permitted unless OEM.

    4. Suspension is limited to two adjustments unless OEM equipped.

    5. Tire WidthFWD: 285, RWD: 285, AWD: 255

    6. Vehicles must use a DOT approved tire with a minimum UTQG Rating of 200 or higher. Tires from other markets EU, JP are permitted as long as they match the UTQG Ratings


    1. Roll cages are not permitted to extend beyond the firewall.

    2. Cars with fully gutted interiors are not permitted. Seats must be present and properly installed in all factory positions front and rear.

    3. Interior pieces may be modified and trimmed to facilitate safety equipment but all must be installed if possible.

    4. Cars must retain full dash, climate systems and controls, kick panels, door sills and door cards. Carpet and headliner must be present from the b pillar forward.


The Track Modified class is intended for vehicles that are extensively modified for track and competition use. This class is for drivers that have participated in competitive driving previously.


    1. All vehicles must retain stock chassis.

    2. Quarter panels must remain OEM Materials. Alternate materials for Hood, Trunk, Roof, & Fenders are allowed.

    3. Doors may be an alternative material if alternative side impact protection is installed. I.e., 6 point or greater cage with door bars.

    4. Vehicles are permitted to run two significant aero modifications at the rear and front.

    5. Dual wings are permitted.

    6. Up to 4 canards at the front and rear of the vehicle are permitted.

    7. Active aero is prohibited, unless factory equipped

    8. OEM glass windshield must be installed, polycarbonate of ¼” or thicker windshield may be installed as alternative.

    9. Flat bottom floors are prohibited.

    10. Diffusers and splitters may only protrude inward to the axle centerline unless OEM

    11. OEM Wheelbase must be maintained.


    1. Dogboxes Sequential gearboxes prohibited unless OEM.

    2. Leaded, Unleaded and E85 are permitted.

    3. Mixed manufacturer engine swaps are permitted.

    4. Engine swaps must retain OEM location (FF, FR).

    5. Drivetrain changes are prohibited.

    6. Nitrous is not allowed.

    7. Hybrid Drivetrains are not permitted, unless oem equipped.


    1. Vehicles must use a DOT approved tire with a minimum UTQG Rating of 100 or higher. Tires from other markets EU, JP are permitted as long as they match the UTQG Rating.

    2. Tire width is unlimited in all classes.

    3. Suspension is limited to three adjustments unless OEM Equipped.

    4. Active suspension components are not permitted unless OEM.

    5. Suspension pickup points must remain OEM.


    1. A 6 point roll cage with side impact protection is recommended. The Roll Cage may penetrate the firewall. The firewall must be sealed.

    2. Cars must retain primary dash assembly. Dash may be trimmed for the facilitation of safety equipment.

    3. Climate Control, Headliner & Carpet may be removed.

    4. All vehicles are required to have front and rear tow hooks.

    5. All vehicles must have fire suppression. (fire extinguisher mounted within driver's reach)


The Unlimited class is for cars that are significantly modified beyond stock form. This group is for advanced and expert drivers only.

  1. Cars must be a production based chassis.

  2. Cars must be closed wheeled.

  3. All vehicles must have fire suppression.

  4. Nitrous Oxide is permitted with proper blow down tube and mounting.

  5. OEM and Aftermarket Hybrid Drives are permitted.

  6. Any Fuel is permitted, if Methanol is used GRIDLIFE & Track Staff must be notified.

  7. Vehicles must adhere to all safety rules.

  8. All vehicles must have fire suppression. (fire extinguisher mounted within driver's reach)

  9. All vehicles must have a 6 point roll cage built to specifications laid out in the #GRIDLIFE CCR

  10. All drivers must run with a FIA approved head and neck restraint system. IE: Nextgen / Hans / Zamp

  11. All drivers must wear single-layer or better fire retardant drivers suit, along with fire retardant gloves, socks & shoes.


The Super Unlimited class is for cars that do not fit into the other Track Battle classifications. This provides a competitive class for nearly any 4 wheeled vehicle including open wheeled vehicles.

  1. All modifications are unrestricted.

  2. Any chassis may be used that has adequate driver protection including rollover, side impact and 5+ point harnesses accepted by #GRIDLIFE Staff.

  3. All vehicles must have fire suppression.


#GRIDLIFE TrackBattle participants will have no less than 1 practice session, 1 qualifying session, and 2+ 20 minute heats throughout a race weekend. The best lap time from any of the live heats will count towards the TrackBattle competition.

  1. RUN GROUPS: Run groups will be assigned and updated after each heat based on laptimes. These groups exist for the safety of all TrackBattle competitors, to help ensure that cars in close proximity are of similar performance.

  2. FAILURE TO RUN IN SPECIFIED RUN GROUP: At their discretion, drivers may opt out of running a given heat. However, drivers found to be competing in run groups other than the assigned group for a given heat will receive a time penalty.  A 5-second time penalty will be applied to all timed laps of that heat if track is dry. If a competitor fails to run in his or her assigned run group and the track is wet, a 15 second per mile of race track (rounded to the next mile) could be imposed depending on the change of conditions. Example: the penalty for failing to run in your specified run group on a 2.3 mile road course and the track is wet and has dried since your run-group went out, a 45 second penalty would be imposed. If the track conditions didn't change, (i.e. still wet) the 5-second penalty would apply. The organizers, at their discretion, may assign stiffer penalties should circumstances warrant.

  3. HIGH-RISK DRIVING: At the safety stewards discretion, a driver may be black flagged during the session because of high-risk maneuvers.  A driver involved in an incident resulting in 4 wheels off course will be black flagged and forego the remainder of the session.

  4. POINTS STRUCTURE: Points will be awarded to all competitors in each competition class and drivetrain. The following represents the points available per event: based on final grid position, regardless of drivetrain.  

  5. PLACE POINTS: 1st 22 2nd 20 3rd 18 4th 15 5th 12 6th 10 7th 8 8th 6 9th 4 10th 2 11th or lower 1 The number of points available for a given event will depend both on the number of overall time attack entrants, and finishing position in grid. Points awarded will be based on the following formula:

Primary Earned Points = 10 x (# of entrants - (Grid position -1))
As an example, Say 100 Entrants, 1st place Finish
= 10 x (100 - (1-1))
= 10 x (100)
= 1000 pts

As an example, Say 100 Entrants, 22nd place Finish
= 10 x (100 - (22-1))
= 10 x (79)
= 790 pts

This scoring system rewards drivers that perform well in large fields and those who perform well beyond their peers in a particular class.

In cases where multiple track configurations are used in a Track Battle weekend (eg. Autobahn Country Club), entrant’s fastest lap times for each configuration will be added together for a total combined time.  Season points will be awarded at such vents based on the lowest combined times.

  1. BONUS POINTS: Track Record 200, Fastest Lap of Event 100, Class Record 100, Final Grid Start 50,, Starting Bonus 30

  2. #FINALGRID: The top 12 competitors, regardless of class, will be invited to participate in #FINALGRID. The #FINALGRID format allows for one warm up lap, one hot lap, and one cool down lap per vehicle. The only time that counts for #FINALGRID is your single hot lap. The #FINALGRID competition sits on top of the existing time attack and the time from #FINALGRID will not count towards the overall TrackBattle event.

  3. SEASON CHAMPIONSHIP: TrackBattle will award season champions in the individual HPDE+, Street Modified, Track Modified and Unlimited Classes. Champions will be overall winners regardless of drivetrain based on total points for the season be determined by the vehicles in each class having the highest number of points. Season points are applied to the specific vehicle class as entered for the first event of participation. Points do not carry over from one vehicle to another or from one class to another. Drivers that switch classes mid­season will forfeit any points gained in previous classes. Tie Breakers will be decided as follows, in priorit: Most class wins, Most podiums Most races attended #GRIDLIFE CCR

All drivers must adhere to all rules as stated in the #GRIDLIFE CCR. Any questions can be emailed to:

2017 #GRIDLIFE TrackBattle Events