You will need to show either a printed paper or digital version of your ticket to be scanned at the event. The continually updating list of Drivers is located here. If you have a confrimed ticket but do not see your name on the drivers list contact flavorus at http://support.flavorus.com/ Let them know you are a Time Attack Driver for GRIDLIFE midwest and need to complete your registration form. With any luck they will know what you’re talking about. Additionally you can contact timing@grid.life to verify your entry.

Camping is included with all Time Attack registration. You will have space in the primary paddock to set up camp. There is no charge for RV’s or pull behind campers for drivers. The paddock for this years festival will be restricted to drivers and crew only. If you have Crew & Friends with GA tickets that you intend to have paddock with you they must arrive with you as well. We will not be allowing any GA ticket holders into the main paddock area without driver or team approval. All Crew and Friends must have either a crew pass / GA ticket and a camping pass if they are staying overnight.

Paddock space at this years event is going to be extremely tight. We will be doing all we can to allocate appropriate space for everyone throughout the weekend but please keep it tight in the paddock. Double up with friends if possible and help make space if needed. We have expanded the paddock, built new concrete slabs and put in new grass paddock space on the west side of the facility to accommodate all the drivers attending this year.

Camping is included with all Time Attack registration. You will have space in the primary paddock to set up camp. There is no charge for RV’s or pull behind campers for drivers. Any crew or friends that you wish to have in your camp must enter w

As much as we would like everyone to be able to access power there just simply isn’t enough power boxes for all drivers. Pre Distribution of these boxes has proved very difficult in previous years so we will be distributing power at the gate on a first come first served basis. You will be paying Gingerman Direct at the gate. Please double up and share power boxes if applicable. Generators will be allowed in the paddock for those that wish to power their own spaces.

All Time Attack Drivers must go through registration at Time Attack HQ located South of the Timing Tower. Here you will receive your transponder if needed. Claim your final Run Group and pick up your banners, Door Cards, Numbers and Contingency Decals.

We have a number of contingencies available for all competitors this season, From Powerstop / Maxxis / SpeedFreaks / Koyorad / Quicktrick & More. All contingency details and required decals will be available at registration. For a list of contingencies check the contingency roundup page located here. We will be adding additional contingencies all the way up to the week of the event.

Tech forms and our GCR for the 2016 season are available on our site at www.grid.life  Please read all of these front to back. Bring a filled out tech form and signed waiver with you to tech / registration. You can find tech forms here.

TrackBattle classes are self selected and based off a Scouts Honor system. We trust that all vehicles will be built according to the rules of their Class in a fair and friendly mannor. All vehicles may be subject to a build audit at any time during the competition. The top 5 finishers at the end of the competition may be required to go through a build audit on Sunday before awards are distributed. Build audits may be requested of another competitor suspected of bending the rules. But please this is fun so lets keep it fun.

There will be mandatory drivers meetings each morning along with a specific Time Attack meetings immediately following the Drivers Meeting. These are both mandatory. You must attend in order to get on track each day. Make it a priority.

For round 1 Door Cards Numbers & Banners are included with your registration. For all the remaining events through the season we will begin charging our cost for these items. The cost will be $18 for Banners and $15 for door cards and numbers. If your are competing through the season please retain your door cards / numbers for the remaining events to avoid additional charges. We will do our best to give you your requested vehicle number but cannot guarantee that the number you requested at registration will be available. You can’t all be Car 69, 666 or 777. Your given number will be retained throughout the entire #GRIDLIFE Season.

We will be charging for transponder rental for this season. The Charge is $20 per transponder which is our actual cost for rental. There is no charge for those that all ready own their own transponders. Payment can be made VIA cash or charge at time of pick up.

TrackBattle will take place on all three days of #GRIDLIFE Midwest. Friday - Sunday.
Each driver will have 3 sessions per day at roughly 15 minutes each to lay down their best laps. Times from all sessions can be counted towards competition.

The TrackBattle field will be re gridded after each session on Friday based off of lap times. Be sure to check in at TrackBattle HQ for posted times, run groups and grid order after each session.

Each TrackBattle group will have roughly 22 cars on track and will be sent onto track as a pack. It is the responsibility of the group to make sure that their is adequate space between you and the car in front of you so that you are able to get clean laps. There is no warm up lap, after going out onto track your first time across start finish will be the beginning of the heat. In the event of an off we will be doing hot pulls whenever possible to keep the track hot for the duration of the Time Attack session. Flags and on track etiquette will be covered in the Time Attack meeting each day.

The awards ceremony will take place following Final Grid at the end of the event on Sunday. Please plan to stay through the ceremony to celebrate your friends and competitors.

Live timing can be accessed via the racehero.io or racemonitor applications on both ios & android. https://www.race-monitor.com/  https://racehero.io/

The 2016 season will conclude at our festival event at Road Atlanta Aug 26-27 this will be the 3rd and final round of points competition for 2016. All drivers participating in Round 1 will have guaranteed entry into the remainder of the events for the season. Round 4 will take place as a special stage and will be presented by one of our sponsor partners. This #GRIDLIFE Special Stage will take place OCT. 15-16 at Gingerman Raceway and will have a slew of premium podium prizing for all competing drivers. More details following the round 1 event.

For any questions on TimeAttack / on Track Schedules why Adam hates harness bars or the general meaning of life contact timing@grid.life or adam@grid.life
Thanks again for being apart of this years #GRIDLIFE Festival.