The Over Thinkers Guide to #GRIDLIFE Tickets.



Yes!! #GRIDLIFE registration opens this Friday. You, your homie Steve and his girl are all super stoked to attend. But what tickets do you purchase? You want to drive but Steve is going to show his dipped and bagged WRX, Steve’s girl is just attending, but all of you want to camp trackside. What do you do?!? Relax guys. Although there are a lot of options, getting tickets and registering for #Gridlife is super simple and we can help walk you through the process. 

Step 1: Access the ticketing page.

The ticketing page will go live at 11am EST, Friday Jan 15th. Step 1 is to click on the "buy tickets" link at . If you have a pre sale code, you can access the page 24 hours earlier at 11am EST on Thursday. If you don't have a pre sale code, you should get one. Sign up in our footer at the bottom of this page.

The ticketing page will display all the General Admission (GA) tickets and driver registration options available. You can expand these options by clicking on the "+" next to the title of each ticket grouping. Camping passes and single session HPDE will be offered on a second page after you choose a General Admission option.

Step 2: Pick your tickets

There are quite a few options this year. All ticket types except the Open Track Friday option include a 3 day admission ticket.  Spectators can choose between GA tickets or Car Show entry. Drivers can choose HPDE Weekend (Saturday +Sunday), Time Attack Entry (Friday + Saturday + Sunday), and/or Friday HPDE (just Friday track time). Camping passes will be presented on the next page so don't worry when you don't see them on the main ticketing portal.

Pro Tip: Want to track all weekend? Simply pick both the HPDE Weekend and HPDE Friday for 3 days of track time.

Pro Tip: Camping passes are available on the next page of the ticketing portal.

Pro Tip: Full weekend HPDE & Time Attack tickets include camping. All other ticket types will need to purchase a camping pass. 

Step 3: Choose your quantity and begin Checkout. 

Who’s coming with you? How many tickets do you need? HPDE and Time Attack tickets are limited to 1 per person but most other tickets can be purchased in quantities of 10. After you have selected all the tickets you need, click the checkout button to see the add on tickets. 

Pro Tip: If you have a discount code, you may enter it at the bottom of the page. Discount code entry will not be available on any other pages. Please do not email us asking for a discount code.

Step 4: Choose your Camping / additional passes.

Are you camping on site at #GRIDLIFE or planning on taking advantage of the single session HPDE program? This second page is where you choose those options. Everyone that is camping on site MUST have a camping pass. There are a lot of options so be sure to research what’s what on our camping FAQ page. Once you have chosen your add on’s you can proceed to checkout. If you don't want any of these things, just hit the "skip this" button to continue to checkout.

PRO TIP: For Crew Corrals, you will be guaranteed a reserved camping spot near festival central. Corrals will be assigned based on time of purchase, all the corrals are in good spots so don't worry so much.

PRO TIP: If your purchasing the Trackside reserved spaces Only one person in your party needs to purchase a $50 Trackside pass if you are all traveling in one vehicle However everyone in your party only need to have a $30 GA Camping pass to stay in the single reserved trackside spot. Reserved spots will guarantee you a spot track side but they will be distributed based on arrival.

PRO TIP: If you aren’t sure if you're getting a hotel room, camping at the track, or getting a dope beach house with your crew, you can come back at any time to purchase a camping pass.

Step 5: Check it out!

Before you fill out your registration info you need to secure your tickets. Simply enter your payment info to lock your order and purchase your tickets.

Step 6: Give us your Info.

Once your tickets are secured, you will need to complete the information forms for all the ticket types you have purchased. Drivers:  you will need to complete the info for all the ticket types even if the information is the same with the exception of HPDE Friday + HPDE Weekend. You can go back to your Flavorus ticketing account at any time to complete your forms and you may also return at any time to update or change information.



That’s it! You have your tickets and you are ready for the grid. Keep checking back here and on the Facebook event page for details and updates as the event gets closer.

If you have any questions about ticket types or ticket ordering, you may contact us here or contact Flavorus here.


Chris Stewart