Hello everyone, My name is Adam Jabaay, and I'm looking forward to peering under the hoods of all the cars at the next Gridlife event!  To speed things up in tech inspection, I thought Id post up this helpful list of things to make sure you don't end up sad in the paddock with a did not pass sticker on your car. 

  • First things first BRING YOUR TECH FORM WITH YOU. Print it out ahead of time have it all ready filled out. Empty out your car before coming to tech.
  • Tech is almost always in the tech tower or tech building. Depending on the facility. You will pull your car into the tech area for inspection.
  • Tech is usually open at 6:30am the day of the event sometimes the night before if we are on site. 
  • As the driver pulls the car into the tower, a worker checks that the brake lights are functioning, and ducks down to see if anything is dragging (fender liner stuff, exhaust, etc) on the ground, or if the car is leaking noticeably.
  • Tech workers will grab each wheel and shake it.  What are they looking for? Loose suspension pieces or a sloppy wheel bearing.  These things are a BIG DEAL.  Check all your suspension bushings for play before coming to a trackday, and ensure your wheel bearings are smooth and tight, and free of wobble.  Having seen cars lose wheels on track in front of me in a SCCA race, I can tell you, its not the best way to get around the track, or the safest.  While we don't check the torque on every lugnut or axle nut, we fully expect the driver to do it.  This should be on your checklist before every session on track as well! make a habit of it.
  • We'll peer around your passenger compartment, and ask you to remove loose items, empty the glovebox (those pop open on track commonly....seriously.  If you cover the track in Wendy's napkins and Cheeto's wrappers I'm gonna have to rethink my life, quit this job, and blame it all on you).  We'll also ask you to remove floormats that aren't attached to the floor.  This is the point where we should tell you that Harnesses are only allowed (SFI or FIA rated in the last 10 years, and no discoloration from sitting in the sun forever) on cars with Rollbars or Roll cages.  No harness bars allowed without rollover protection. No miatas or other convertibles without factory roll over protection are allowed. We will have a broom stick this year and you need to clear it. If you don't know what that means click here.  If you don't have a rollbar or rollcage, you should be running OEM seatbelts.... The rule on seats, seat belts harnesses or otherwise is all stock or all the way. A solid back racing seat with a stock belt on top of the bolsters will not work. An ebay seat with dope green Takatatas harnesses with no certification will not work. If your car goes over and the roof comes down you need to have the right pieces in place. Safety is number one and your restraint system is a big deal.
  • Next Pop that hood, its time to show us the mess you've made swapping that EJ47TDI into the BRZFRS chassis with the Haspoon mounts.  We're looking for wiring and hose cleanliness, battery mounting that is fit for the track (solid mounts are important, no bungee cords.  we look at ALL BATTERIES), battery cables that can't short out on something (or rub and short out on axles.  Yes, I've seen a car almost light on fire because the battery cable was rubbing on the axle).  Check your car for all fuel system leaks before heading to tech inspection might have made it up from Chicago dripping gallons of fuel , but you aren't making it on track! #Crushwashersmatter.
  • If you've passed inspection this far and haven't called us names or anything,  Its time that we give the body of the car a quick once over to make sure you won't deposit bumpers into your turn 3 sandtrap. Someone will take a quick look at your tires to make sure the air isn't showing from inside the tires....but you darn well should have done this yourself first.
  • IF you did everything nicely, congrats, you get to go try to be the next Senna today.  But Please.....check over your car often...before every session.  Only you can prevent your wheel from falling off next session, after rotating tires. 
  • Remember we are just here to double check your car not certify your cars safety. A safe car is still your responsibility. 

If you have any tech questions, email ASAP, and include as much detail (or pics) as possible , and I'll promptly respond.