SpecFit brings cheap fun to #GRIDLIFE TrackBattle in 2017

#GRIDLIFE SpecFit. Inaugural Season.

#GRIDLIFE SpecFit is our new ultra budget, fun first, time attack class built around the 1st and 2nd generation Honda Fit chassis. SpecFit is all about bringing motorsports to the masses with a maximum fun per dollar series utilizing affordable daily drivers, a simplified rule set and a balanced field putting focus on the driver vs the build. SpecFit will run within the TrackBattle series as a sub classification of the HPDE+ class. Drivers will run within the same track time allocated for TrackBattle time attack sessions at #GRIDLIFE Events.

For the inaugural season competitors entering SpecFit will receive 25% off registration for each of the 5 rounds this season. SpecFit drivers are eligible for unique discounts on spec components from our official partners Maxxis & BCRacing as well as all other contingency programs available for Trackbattle drivers.

SpecFit will run at all TrackBattle events kicking off with Round 1 at Mid-Ohio April 8-9, Round 2 at Gingerman Raceway June 9-11, Round 3 at Autobahn Country Club July 1-2, Round 4 at Road Atlanta August 25-27 and Round 4 sees us back at Gingerman Raceway for the conclusion of the TrackBattle 2017 Series.

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