TrackBattle Round 1 Tech Forms / Event info

Greetings drivers / instructors. The #GRIDLIFE season is upon us and we can't thank you guys enough for rolling the dice on an early season event with us at Mid Ohio. This will be our first time to this facility and we are excited to be bringing the TrackBattle experience to another track this year. Here is all the info you need for a great weekend on track with old friends and new.


Mid Ohio is located at 7721 Steam Corners Rd, Lexington, OH 44904 All participants are to use gate 3 when entering the facility. 


You will need to show either a printed paper or digital version of your ticket to be scanned at the event. To retrieve your ticket you will need to login to  If you cannot locate your ticket contact seetickets at and they will be able to resend your ticket.


Gates will open beginning on Friday at 6pm and will remain open 24 hours throughout the weekend. Anyone arriving or staying after midnight will be required to pay the camping fee of $20 to enter the facility. 


The full event schedule can be found online at Because of Nascar testing, we will be running a shorter day on Saturday with a full day on Sunday. All drivers will get 8 sessions on track throughout the weekend.


Camping will be available throughout the weekend for a fee of $20 per person. There is no charge for RV's or pull behind campers but there is no traditional RV hookups so be prepared to be self sustained. Paddock passes are $20 per person for the entire weekend.


We will be running tech and registration out of garage 20 and this will serve as home base for all operations throughout the weekend. Tech & Registration will be open on Friday from 7pm - 9pm as well as Saturday & Sunday 6:30am - 8:00am #GRIDLIFE uses an all digital tech form which is available at Time Attack drivers will need to go through tech as well as an additional registration process where they will pick up their transponder, door cards, and window banner along with partnership decals.


There will be mandatory drivers meetings each morning along with a specific beginner classroom immediately following the drivers meeting each day. These are both mandatory. You must attend in order to get on track. Meetings will take place at the Cooper Tire building.


We will be using a pre-grid system for all run groups at #GRIDLIFE. The track schedule is extremely tight and it is imperative that you are on grid prior to the start of your session in order to maximize your track time. Listen to the PA announcements for 5 minute and 2 minute calls to grid, as well as any changes in the run group schedule.


We strive to create the best driving experience for everyone at our events. Losing your session because someone drove over their head into the kitty litter does not fit with our idea of a great driving experience. It is expected that participants will drive in a safe and controlled manner at all times. Off-track adventures will be penalized with loss of track time. Don’t be that guy.


For any questions on TimeAttack / Track Schedules / why Adam hates harness bars or the general meaning of life, contact

Thanks again for supporting #GRIDLIFE and being a part of our track family. See you this weekend.