Adam Jabaay and Abrin Schmucker - #GRIDLIFE Track Team

For years, the team behind #GRIDLIFE has been waiting for the ideal time to share the drama and thrill of Wheel to Wheel racing, with the trackside fans and spectators at their events. As racers themselves, the founders of GRIDLIFE are excited to share this passion for W2W with the next generation of auto enthusiasts, with the introduction of the GRIDLIFE TOURING CUP. (GLTC)

Built from the ground up by racers of diverse backgrounds, The GLTC is designed to promote close racing between a variety of cars and build freedom with an open "time attack" style ruleset. The intention is an incredibly unique driver experience along with a great showcase of exciting and relatable builds for those watching in person or online.

The GLTC class will be run at 4 TrackBattle events during the 2019 season, launching as an invitational beta at April 6-7 at MidOhio and running all the way through our Final at Road America.


APRIL 6-7 (GLTC Beta Battle) Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
MAY 30 - JUNE 2 (GLTC Festival Cup) Gingerman Raceway
AUG 3-4 (GLTC Stopwatch Classic) Blackhawk Farms Raceway
SEP 7-8 (GLTC Elkhart Classic) Road America