#GRIDLIFE SundaeCup. Low Budget, High Fun Time Attack Class for Daily Drivers.


Building off the incredibly successful inaugural SpecFit season we are excited to introduce the next iteration of fun per dollar motorsports with the #GRIDLIFE SundaeCup. Both SpecFit and the SundaeCup are all about bringing motorsports to the masses with a maximum fun per dollar series utilizing affordable daily drivers, a simplified rule set and a balanced field putting focus on the driver vs the build. SpecFit & the SundaeCup will run within the TrackBattle series as a sub classification of the Street class. Drivers will run within the same track time allocated for TrackBattle time attack sessions at #GRIDLIFE Events. SundaeCup will be divided into SubClasses based off entries. 4 entries of any similar chassis will automatically create a subclass for that event. IE: SpecFit, FiestaCup, etc.

A true competition format for daily drivers.
Sundae Cup Highlights

  • All vehicles with a factory power to weight ratio matching the 1st gen Honda Fit are eligible. WHP 25:1  CHP 22:1

  • 200LB of Ballast can be applied to meet weight requirements.

  • Limited Modifications allowed. Bolt on's, single way adjustable suspension.

  • All 205 Width 200 Tread wear tires eligible.

Head over to the Sundae Cup page for more information.