2018 TrackBattle Round 3 Official Results

Abrin Schmucker - Time Attack Director

Round 3 is complete. 86 cars took to the blisteringly hot track throughout the weekend. Drivers battled attrition on multiple course configurations for some of the closest times in each class that we've seen all year. With a total overhaul of the "A Chassis" from RS Motors, Andy Smedegard reset the overall Time Attack track record with a 1:22.949. Definitely not a bad showing, given that this was the first event out following the extensive number of changes.  In TrackMod, Jeremy Swenson and Michael Puglisi traded blows as they battled for the overall fastest time in the category, with each of them resetting class records in the process. Newcomer to Gridlife this year, James Forbis prepared an incredible machine for the StreetMod Class. With incredible pace right out of the gate, James managed to take the overall class win on each of the 3 circuits run during the weekend, resetting class records on all 3 courses. Already familiar with Road Atlanta, I expect James to continue to bring the heat to Brad/Matt at Evolve Autosport. If things go well, I'd expect to see at least a 29 in the StreetMod Class. Word on the street is that Shawn Krebsbach is considering adding some more horsepower for the event. Given the long straights seen at Road Atlanta, I am sure that the extra pace will be welcomed when competing against the other big power cars in class. Street Class - RWD saw the closest racing of all this weekend, with the podium gap being a total of 14 season points. 3 different drivers emerged as new class record holders on the 3 course configurations. With a quick start on a shorter and tighter circuit, Jackie Ding took the win on North Course. Austin Hertel was fastest on Full Course, with his competitors describing his performance as "driving like a man possessed". On South, Josh Orr pulled away and took the victory. 

Here are your victors in all classes:


1st    129    Matt Williams    SPEC FIT / ECO CUP - FWD    30
1st    70    Eric DeWitt    STREET - AWD    550
2nd    146    Jonathan Yu    STREET - AWD    430
3rd    55    Charles Miller    STREET - AWD    403
1st    24    Les Epps    STREET - FWD    190
2nd    361    Michael Mattila    STREET - FWD    116
1st    34    Austin Hertel    STREET - RWD    660
2nd    86    Jackie Ding    STREET - RWD    656
3rd    51    Joshua Orr    STREET - RWD    646                           


1st    23    Shawn Krebsbach    STREET MODIFIED - AWD    707
2nd    6    Micheal Aumick    STREET MODIFIED - AWD    546
3rd    113    Justin Lowhorn    STREET MODIFIED - AWD    434
1st    312    Mikey Singhaseni    STREET MODIFIED - FWD        410
2nd    81    Benjamin Marouski    STREET MODIFIED - FWD        283
3rd    76    Scott Wolforth        STREET MODIFIED - FWD        100
1st    59    James Forbis        STREET MODIFIED - RWD    787
2nd    122    Evolve Autosport    STREET MODIFIED - RWD    703
3rd    357    Dan Lewis        STREET MODIFIED - RWD    657


1st    314    Michael Puglisi    TRACK MODIFIED - AWD    787
2nd    417    Ronnie Soliman    TRACK MODIFIED - AWD    703
3rd    22    Jeremy Boysen    TRACK MODIFIED - AWD    473
1st    420    Levi Brown    TRACK MODIFIED - FWD    570
2nd    666    Trentyn Meister    TRACK MODIFIED - FWD    317
3rd    48    Torry Skurski    TRACK MODIFIED - FWD    111
1st    30    Jeremy Swenson    TRACK MODIFIED - RWD    829
2nd    5    Luke McGrew    TRACK MODIFIED - RWD    774
3rd    303    Eric Fleming    TRACK MODIFIED - RWD    770


1st    212    Andy Smedegard    UNLIMITED - AWD        933
2nd    110    Brandon Ranvek    UNLIMITED - AWD        537
1st    222    Kevin Wesley    UNLIMITED - RWD        750
2nd    82    Logan Carswell    UNLIMITED - RWD        739
3rd    416    Stefan Sajic    UNLIMITED - RWD         673