2019 #GRIDLIFE Street GT Class


Abrin Schmucker - Competition Director

2018 saw a tremendous turnout of drivers to compete in the ultra-competitive Street Class including an increasing presence of big-bore high power sports cars. These cars, being extremely well equipped from the manufacturer, often clashed with the rules of the traditional format of time attack. Modern muscle cars, and forced induction 6-cylinder vehicles, with their tremendous potential for speed, have earned their place at the table within time attack. To address this need, the STREET GT class has been created for 2019, offering rules more fitting to the original equipment and potential of these incredible machines. STREET GT will focus on mildly-modified track ready cars, with a minimal restriction on tire size. Given the variety of cars that fit the spirit of the rules, STREET GT will likely be highly-contested class within the TrackBattle series. Check out the full 2019 Rules including the new Street GT Class at the link below.