America’s National Park of Speed! 14 corners of bliss situated in a picturesque forest! With wide open straights and hard braking zones, this track isn’t for the faint of hearts. Road America is easy to learn but extremely hard to perfect. This is a track that should be approached slowly and progressed up to it full potential.





We’re excited to announce a partnership with Racers360 this year. Racers360 will provide #GRIDLIFE drivers personal online driver coaching, with One Lap Analysis of driver videos at #GRIDLIFE TrackBattle events. With Racers360 you can work with the very best pro racecar driver coaches in the world and receive their feedback on your driving starting at only $99. Simply send in your video or data from absolutely any type of camera or data system to Racers360 and a pro coach will review it and send you back an in-depth coaching session.


Ross Bentley is one of the authorities on driving techniques in the motorsports world. We have worked with him multiple time both on our instructor curriculum as well as our driver development programs. His site is a wealth of resources for the beginner as well as the advanced motorsports enthusiast. Below you will find some links to resources from Speed Secrets that will be helpful for the weekend.